— Dominique McPherson

My Lyrics Are Alive.

A Yellow Man has done it again. They released a new song called, “My Lyrics Are Alive” back in May. I’m just an overall fan of the group itself, but I truly appreciate the concept behind the song. What do you think about when you think of having your “lyrics come alive”?

A Yellow Man, “3,000 Miles of Youth”

I think about the words that I read in the Bible and how it makes my spirit come alive. The words that we sing about and read about should be the actual testimonies of our lives. It’s almost like I wanna say, “Let the words I speak be a testament of the life that I live.” Well – not almost because I actually said it. Lol! Check out the music video and be sure to follow these guys on Twitter & Bandcamp!

xO Dominique McPherson.

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