— Dominique McPherson

The Winds of Change.

The wind has been blowing like crazy these past couple of days and I can’t help but pay attention. I’m reminded of the short parable of when Jesus convicts people of knowing how to discern the Earth and sky, but yet we can’t discern the seasons that we are in spiritually.

We are in an interesting season as far as the world is concerned. I think about Matthew 24 where Jesus begins to describe the signs of the end times. I believe it’s very important for every believer to study the end times throughout the entire Bible as well as the Book of Revelations. Blessed are those who read and hear the words of the prophecy [Rev. 1:3].

With all of these winds blowing, I think the main thing I’ve been holding on to during these times is the undefiled word of God and the simplicity that is in Jesus Christ. How? By simple and wholehearted devotion to God. Breaking myself of fleshly addictions (lust) and dying to my flesh everyday. Not being quick to jump on social bandwagons, but really looking at everything with the eyes of Jesus. I am only able to do this by beholding the beauty of the Lord just as David did. And being fascinated by the man who died on the cross for my sins.

David is definitely one of my favorite bible characters next to Esther. I honor him for many things. But mainly his devotion to God and his heart that was so tender when it came to loving the Father. Even though David found himself in some pretty jacked up situationshe never allowed that to take him away from the love of God. He constantly went before God with a repentive heart. Gimme dat! (in my Mali Music voice)

Whatever it takes for God to turn a nation back to him, so be it. Can a nation be saved in a day?

xO Dominique McPherson.

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