— Dominique McPherson

Day 5: Let Your Voice Be Heard.

I’m so sorry for not writing for you guys yesterday. My day consisted of running around with Dea. Eating soup. Getting my praise on with Fondrea Lewis. And meeting with the homies to discuss some Kingdom Business.

I didn’t write about this, but ever since I started my fast on Monday, I’ve gotten sick. Monday I just had a sore throat so it wasn’t a big deal. I just drank a lot of tea and ate tons of cough drops. As the week went on, I thought I was getting better – but I was actually getting worse. Unfortunately, I had messed up on my fast because I ate meat on Tuesday. Shame Shame Shame on me. My body was acting crazy – and I gave in. But I did feel a little better.

Last night I went to church and I was praising God like it was NOBODY’S business. I’m not sure what happened but last night while I was meeting with my friends, my voice started to go away in the matter of 15 minutes. By the time I woke up this morning, my voice was absolutely GONE! I can’t really hold any phone conversations and I’m trying my best not to talk to anyone. (Even though I eagerly want to speak to Lee Johnson!)

However, I can only do this texting thing but for so long. Everyone who knows me, knows that I hate texting. Not all the time – but most of the time. I feel some type of  a way when I send you a simple question and then you respond with a 3 page text message. #CmonSon. You could’ve put that sucka in a email! Nevertheless, I guess everyone has their own pet peeves, yes?

I decided to call this post “Let Your Voice Be Heard” partially because of me not having a voice right now, but also just to remind people to be BOLD for Christ. Beginning last year, I had began setting “Themes” for my years. Last years theme for my life was “Reaching New Levels”. Specifically, reaching new levels in my walk with God. This years theme for my life is “Breaking The Silence”. I feel that as believers, we have been shut up for so long when it comes to professing our faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

In order to let your voice be heard, you must first be able to speak up. You can not be heard if you are silent. Don’t be afraid to speak up for the God that you serve. He is truly worthy of all of the recognition and praise.

Because of my chains, most of the brothers in the Lord have been encouraged to speak the word of God more courageously and fearlessly.” – Philippians 1:14

Paul was a tremendous preacher and bold servant of Jesus Christ as we can see all throughout the New Testament. His prayer simply consisted of him asking God to provide him with sufficient courage so that he may be able to profess the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage everyone to be bold for Christ and profess his love! Love God. Love People! It’s a movement. Please, get with it. Continue to pray my strength in the Lord fam. Really feeling under the weather. BUT! To God be the Glory! Ayyyyy…

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